In nearly every business today there is a growing need to save energy, floor space and reduce the complexity and expense of managing IT infrastructures. Our customers are looking to us for help in realizing the maximum value from their technology investments, as well as reducing the cost and complexity of adding new IT services. The quest for leaner IT infrastructures has led to explosive growth in virtualization and consolidation solutions. 

Experts to Accelerate Your Success

Our capability in virtualization can help you to deliver the key components for any IT virtualization or consolidation solution, ensuring that you bring solutions to market quickly and cost effectively.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Unlike server based computing, which uses thin clients to communicate with a physical server running Windows Terminal Services, VDI involves installing and running a user’s desktop on a virtual machine hosted at a data centre instead of a local computer. This approach can provide many benefits including lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), improved security, manageability and disaster recovery. 

The choice between VDI and server based computing will depend on the customer’s environment and IT strategy.  We have the experience and vendor relationships to help our Business Partners to define the right customer solution and provide the support through to delivery and installation.

Our Software-Defined Data Center Services

We offer extensive planning and design assistance to help you with software-defined data center architectures, server virtualization, software-defined storage and software-defined networking.

VDI-in-a-Box for SMB

We deliver cost-effective access to the latest operating systems and other software, increasing the productivity of a mobile, dynamic workforce. With this fully managed, end-to-end desktop-as-a-service solution, you can provision cloud-based virtual desktops through guided consulting services in about two weeks. Then transition to a managed steady state that requires minimal expertise in virtual desktop infrastructure. The desktop as a service supports a cloud scale architecture that makes it easy to deliver virtualized, feature-rich Windows desktops and applications to any device, anytime. And, with a flexible subscription model and turnkey solutions, organizations can easily get up and running and scale quickly.

Our customers will also benefit from the following services to help them with their virtualization practices:

  • Desktop Assessments – The assessments provide a detailed report on the allocation of desktop resources and enable BIT to make recommendations that will enhance the management and security of our customer’s desktop environments. With these assessments, we can develop desktop virtualization solutions that improve the long-term efficiency of the desktop infrastructure, maximize usage and minimize maintenance downtime.  We can also demonstrate power and resource savings that could be gained through virtualization.
  • Implementation Services – Designed to augment our service offerings, we can work on behalf of customers to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure. BIT Directs OneTech Implementation Services are delivered and project-managed through BIT Direct, ensuring that services are completed on time and on budget.
  • ITDemoCentral – ITDemoCentral allows BIT to remotely showcase the functionality of a virtual desktop infrastructure to our customers. With ITDemoCentral, we can effectively differentiate solutions, as well as demonstrate overall software capabilities, clarify specific functionally, provide solutions comparisons and verify software functions based on systems configurations.
  • VirtualPath University – Our education program for the virtualization market will now include an interactive training curriculum, featuring in-depth information on the virtual desktop infrastructure solution to shorten the ramp-up time for customers.
  • VMware Authorized Training – We also offer certification training classes for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager through its VMware Authorized Training Center (VATC).

Virtualization is ideal for delivering cost-effective solutions that give IT administrator’s greater control and manageability of their desktop environments, by centralizing desktop management with our best-in-class VMware VDI solution, IT staffs have much greater control of the environment and can enhance end-point security. We value our relationship with customers and aim to continue providing our customers with the tools and services they need to deliver high value-add virtualization solutions.”

We recognize that the virtualization market is quickly evolving, and were committed to making sure we are able to provide the latest solutions to our customers.

Our virtual desktop solution is a great way to jumpstart our offerings and services for this market segment. We’ll be able to establish ourselves as trusted advisors with our customers by looking beyond traditional server virtualization and introducing them to new ways to solve IT pain points around managing desktops.

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