Business and IT managers supporting current and future projects needing security, infrastructure, hardware and software need better options.  Our product value, insight, industry connections and ability to deliver keep project costs down for capital, operating and revenue expenses.

When BIT comes in, our world-class staff utilizes the BIT Portal, our own virtual-inventory, cloud-based product catalog, helping large and small organizations get the most from their technology investments.


BIT has developed partnerships with industry-leading security, hardware and software providers. We provide complete care, expert help, responsive service and personalized support every step of the way when choosing the right technology, using it more effectively, keeping business infrastructure safe and under warranty.  We help IT professionals in thousands of companies solve their most difficult problems.

  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Center
  • Digital Workspace
  • Drones and Virtual Reality
  • Fast Data
  • IOE
  • IOT
  • Networking
  • Point of Sale
  • Print Solutions
  • Server
  • Software Management
  • Virtual Machines


BIT has lined up the right selection of products at the prices our customers are looking for.  Marketplace competition boils down to experience  Using our robust, scalable e-commerce platform, everything you need to order, manage, and track all of your IT procurement needs is right at your fingertips.


BIT has the processes, knowledge, technical expertise and tools to help Enterprise Organizations navigate through the entire procurement cycle while managing departments with specific IT needs.  We are growing every day and large organizations are realizing the value of working with a woman-owned business that has all the capabilities and more of its larger competitors.


BIT realizes how important technology is to businesses, as a complete IT hardware and software value-added reseller (VAR); we offer the right technology solutions to fit businesses IT needs. We provides choice products and services to our clients while offering superior customer support. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value. Our company’s ownership and our enterprise system architect are accomplished IT consultants and developers with over 15 years of experience with a deep breath and understanding of products and software and the important role it plays in the success of businesses.